Amazing Fun Facts about the polar bears

Polar bear also called ice bear or white bear and easy to find in Canada than any county. Alaska, Russia, Greenland, and Norway is also comfy and calmest places for the polar bears.  Polar bears are the biggest and dominant carnivore on the earth. So here are some of the interesting facts about the polar you should know.



  1. Polar bears like to live in the cold areas of Greenland, Russia, Antarctica, and Canada.
  2. Polar bears are largest meat eaters animals exist in the world. Polar bears can be 3.0m long in height and weigh about 700kg.
  3. Polar bears have very dense skin under their thick fur which protects them from the water freezing air and cold.
  4. Polar bears roll themselves on snow to refresh and to clean their fur.
  5. Other animals don’t hunt or attack polar bears, so there are no natural enemies of polar bears.
  6. Polar bears color is not white, they have black skin. Actually, reflection of light on their white hairs makes them white.
  7. Instead of their heavyweight, polar bears are a very good swimmer and can swim at 15km/h speed.
  8. A cluster of polar bears called sleuth or pack.
  9. Polar bears born twins, a single born cub is very rare.
  10. Average polar bears left in the world are approximately 25k.
  11. Polar bears enjoy resting till 20 to 24 hours when they are not hunting.
  12. Polar bears like to eat and kill the prey twice a week.
  13. Although polar bears are one of heavy and largest animal still they can run at the speed of 45km/h.
  14. The average age of a polar bear is around 30 years.
  15. A polar bear population is decreasing rapidly due to a drastic change in climate. Global warming will be the cause of ice melting which is a great threat to a polar bear to survive and to hunt to live.
  16. Polar bears can smell their prey from a far distance.

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