Benefits of walking on body and health

If you don’t know the benefits of walking you will surely amaze to know the benefits of walking on your health and lifestyle.  If you are worrying about your gain weight, want to increase your energy level, want to improve your muscle or generally want to keep yourself healthier and active in your life than you should walk on the daily basis.

it is free medicine to keep you healthy and can save you from the disease like diabetes, blood pressure, early aging, stress, heart attack, muscle or joint problem, according to research conduct in New York you can add 10 years in your life by walking daily.

For further information keep reading the detail benefits of walking.

Good for your Heart

Walking is really a free medication for your heart you just need to spend few minutes. Walking reduce your heart diseases and heart stroke. Walking control the bad cholesterol and main the cholesterol to prevent you from disease because of bad and high cholesterol. Experts say that 30 minutes daily brisk walk control the blood pressure and sugars level which is the main reason of heart attack and brain hemorrhage.

Cut down extra Pound

Walking is first medicine given by any doctor for the obesity. Walking control your weight and if you are overweight it will cut down the extra pound from your body. You can burn calories up to 100 by a brisk walk, more brick walk means more calories will burn.

Walking Boost Energy

Walking will improve the blood circulation in your body, will increase the oxygen intake in the body and make every cell activate. It keeps you active, alert, improve brain function and help you perform the daily task quickly.

It relieves the stress

Whole day work makes you stress, nobody can avoid himself from the stress but you surely can control and minimize it with the walk or running in the early morning or after the lunch. Walking can change your mood to feel happy and work as anti-depression, keep the brain positive.

Enhance immune function

Try to do exercise on a daily basis or 30 minutes brisk walk can boost your immune system in quick time. People who don’t walk or don’t exercise are more likely to suffer from the cold. You can enjoy the better sleep after a walk, good 8-hour sleep is really good to boost the immune system.

Walking is good for breath

Walking is really good for you breathe, when you walk your heart beat rate increase and oxygen travels faster through the blood which eliminates the germs and gasses, improves your energy level and ability to fight the disease.

Walking for your Joints

Walking is just a miracle remedy for the joints and muscle. Walking or running is most simple and easy exercise for the health and fitness of body which you can anytime. Healthy joints are necessary to move your body parts freely and happily, joints assist our body to move. Walking improve blood circulation in the body and keep away the inflammation around the joints. So if walking is not part of your daily schedule than you must it right now to happy and fit life, start with the 10 to 15 minutes daily walk and gradually start the time duration.

Good for your brain

If your memory is weak and you forget the things than walking can be the great remedy for you according to research. Fresh air, greenery and bit of scenery outside in the garden or open space make you feel happy and stress-free which help to grow your brain. According to research the daily brisk walk help to increase the size of the hippocampus, which is brain’s hub store the memory, which is effect by the disease the Alzheimer’s.  Normally brain keeps shrinking with the age and after 40 its speed gets fast.  An experiment was done on the 100 women and man ask them to go for the brisk walk three times a week. Scans showed after the year that the brain memory and size increase up to 2 percent instead of shrinking.

These are some of the proven benefits shares above. Not it is you turn to start to walk on a daily basis. Hope you enjoy to read the article, will start walking and running to keep yourself fit and happy.






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