Best foods eat during pregnancy healthy baby

You will get advice from your grandmothers, mothers, sisters etc. about best foods to consume during pregnancy for healthy mother and child. But it is always wise to take advice from the doctor for specific foods and vitamins according to your body need. Eating right foods make a difference to baby physical and mental growth. Due to the mother of 3 healthy babies I have some guidance and diet list for healthy baby growth.

Healthy eating for healthy baby

First child mothers always want to know the superlative and healthy foods for their first child, what to eat and which foods to avoid in pregnancy is the first question arises in the mind of pregnant women. Rightly so, first thing mother should eat three-time meals, fruits, milk and snacks during the day.

Daily plan for eating healthy for healthy pregnancy

Calcium for strong bones and heart beat

You must add calcium in your daily diet for healthy teeth and bones. Calcium also circulates blood normally, help the nerve to function properly and for the normal heart beat. According to the experts and gynecologist, pregnant women must include 1500mg calcium in her diet, must use the natural food, vegetables, fruits for the required calcium. Milk, curd, butter are good sources of calcium. Orange juice, guava, citrus, almonds, pumpkin and sesame seeds are the great and natural source of calcium.

Folic Acid:

Gynecologist strongly recommends folic acid to pregnant women. The doctor normally suggests prenatal vitamins included the folic acid. Women’s with the lack of folic acid normally face some physical and mental abnormality in the child. With prenatal vitamins pregnant must add the natural source of folic acid in their foods, kidney, green leafy vegetables, rice, wheat, almonds etc. are a natural way of folic acid.
Due to pregnancy women can face the lack of iron in the body. If you are feeling tiredness, weakness, laziness, stress, depression then the lack of iron can be the culprit. Iron in types of blood cells delivers the oxygen to the whole body and brain. It is recommended that pregnant women must include 30mg iron in their prenatal vitamins. Also can enjoy the meat, raisin, apricot, poultry, red meat and dried fruits for iron. Consume right amount of iron is equally good for the child and mother health.
Consuming protein rich foods are also necessary for pregnant women especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Women in pregnancy need 80 grams protein for the fast growth of the baby. Poultry, fish, milk, meat, cheese are rich in protein, taking these foods on daily base means you are providing the amino acids and protein for a healthy baby. You must not take too much fish for protein. Try to choose the different variety of foods for the protein.
Vitamin A:
Your prenatal vitamins should be included by the 1000mcg vitamin A. Dried apricots, Dark leafy greens, carrots, sweets potatoes, Swiss chard, turnip greens are rich in vitamins A. vitamin A is good for vision, immune system, bone development and red cells.
Vitamin D:
Vitamins D in pregnant women or breastfeeding women helps to regulate the calcium. So the lack of vitamins D means that you are preventing the baby from calcium which is vital for the strong teeth and bones. It will help the women and child to fight disease and infections. Essential for the skin and vision. Salmond, sardines, eggs, dairy products, mushroom are a natural source of Vitamin D.
Below is the list of healthy foods for pregnancy
These foods covers most of the vitamins and minerals included above:
Whole fresh fruits and vegetables

Foods to Avoid During pregnancy

Avoid Sea Foods

Not all seafood, seafood are a good source of protein and omega 3 which promote the healthy growth and brain of the baby. But you need to care by eating some fish as they contain mercury which is harmful to the baby health, can be harmful to the nervous system.

Don’t eat too big fish due to mercury and bacteria, avoid to eat the shark and swordfish.
Shrimp, salmon, Pollock trout are good to eat as they contain less mercury.

Undercooked meat, eggs, poultry

Uncooked foods can be the cause of bacteria and if you suffer from food poisoning due to bacteria then it can be harmful to the baby health.
You must cook the eggs, poultry, meat thoroughly to kill the bacteria and germs in it to avoid the food poisoning.

Don’t take too vitamin A

Vitamin A is good for baby health and growing but avoids to take too much Vitamins A. Don’t take high potency Vitamin A supplement or don’t use the liver or fish liver oil as it can increase the vitamins A which is not recommended.

Don’t take allergic foods

Stay away from the foods which can be the cause of allergic to you. If you want to eat egg, meat or peanut you can for a healthy diet, but avoid if you are allergic from some foods. Avoid foods which can be the cause of high blood pressure.


Think 100 times before drinking alcohol. Every doctor recommends avoiding the alcohol in pregnancy. Researched have proved that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause serious health problems. Alcohol can affect the brain and growth of the child. Drinking alcohol in first trimesters can be the cause of miscarriage. Even energy drinks are not optional in pregnancy due to the high amount of caffeine in it.

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