Best tips to stay young looking

Wrinkles on the face are the big signs of aging as it is the bit difficult to hide as compared to white hair which you can dye easily at home with little cost easily. It is worst feeling to notice the wrinkles on your forehead, under eyes, around neck and lips.

An Early sign of aging can damage the confidence of anyone, especially for the girls. If you are looking the ways to control the aging and want anti-aging remedies then you got the solution by stopping here. First, you don’t need to rush the surgery, doctor, laser, creams Botox or any expensive and harmful operation for this. Nature has a solution for your problem free of cost without harm.

First, save some time for yourself

Avoid the sun as much as possible

Exposing yourself too much in the sun especially in the summer can be the big reason of anti-aging, dark spots and under eye wrinkles. So try to cover the parts of the body with good SPF sunscreen when you need to go outside. After 1:00 p.m. sun rays get strongest and at this time it can be harmful so think before going to outside in the sun. Make a habit of taking an umbrella or stylish hat to cover yourself by the sun.

Love to drink water to be young

The 2nd reason of wrinkles and the dark spot is not drinking the water for sufficient hydration of the body. To make your skin elastic, smooth, fresh, wrinkle free, supply a good amount of water to body on daily basis. Lacking water in the body cuts the freshness and moisture which lead to losing the elasticity of the body surface, the wrinkle will start to appear which you don’t want. Better to have a bottle of water in your bag to make things easy.

Sleep 8 to 10 hr.

Working and watching the movie in late night is the biggest culprit of early aging. Manage your time well, work in a day, sleep in the night to get an adequate restful night sleep. By sleeping, body create or produce the HGH which stands for human grown hormone, which keeps the skin tight, thick and wrinkles free. After getting the sleep you will feel fresh and stress less which brings glow on the skin.

Do Yoga and Exercise

Exercise improve blood circulation in the body. Yoga is best way or practice to calm your mind and to rest the body. The best thing about yoga is that you don’t require the much space or time. 15 minutes yoga at home is enough for your body. Yoga not only strong you bones, increase flexibility but also help you control and focus your mind on work in the whole day. Some face yoga and exercise also delay the anti-aging appearance.

Eat Less but Eat Well

Eat less but eat good foods, vegetables, juices, seeds, and nuts which are full of anti-oxidants which keep you young and strong for a longer period of time.

Control the Stress

Stress can be the reason of early hair fall, premature gray hair, dark spots, and wrinkles. It keeps thinning your skin by lessening muscular tissue under the skin. Stress further increase the stress, stress is not the solution to a problem. I know it is difficult to stay away from the stress but at least we can control or diminish it by other activities. Click to read the best ways to control the stress.


Stop playing with your skin

Yes! Stop using different types of creams and lotions in the market which guarantee and assure you everything you want. It is million dollar business, in starting you will be happy to use but later condition gets worse than before. Rubbing your face every day with the cheap quality of creams and lotions damage skin. Always use some branded light moisture creams for skin, massaging your skin with almond oil works wonders.

Consult the skin specialist

If things are out of control and you don’t know what to do? It is better to consult the skin specialist or dermatologist instead of consult with your friends to save the money. Every person skin type is different which need different treatment. Doctors know better and will recommend you proper treatment, lotions, creams or any other surgical treatment like Botox, fillers, peels or other things after some blood tests.

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