Exercise To Reduce the Weight at Home

Simple exercise to Reduce the weight at home

Isn’t it good to know that you don’t need to spend money for the gym or coaching fees? Yes, you can lose weight at home! 15 Minutes of an easy workout every day is decent enough to maintain the body. But you must need to pay devotion to what you drink and eat and try these methods to burn your extra fat in just 15 minutes. This simple exercise to reduce the weight at home will benefit you to defeat fat all over your body if experienced every day. For this you need fat burning workout is a towel, a mat, and a bouncing rope also called jumping rope.

Set No.1

In this techniques or set, we have comprised 8 fat burning exercises that are through in the method of circuit training with 30 seconds to 3 minutes fixed to every exercise. These exercises are easy to do at home or in open space.

Best exercise for Abs

You will have to do this particular workout for 120 seconds.  Best mat aerobics exercises for abs in which you have to lie down on the ground facing downwards. Put your toes on a towel, which will aid you in the smooth effort of the body. Grip your hands on the floor firmly and balance your body on the toes and hands. Pull your legs (as mentioned below) near to your body, create an inverted V figure with it. Move the limbs away from your hands now, by extending them backward.

Exercise To Reduce the Weight at Home

Push and pull your legs in and out for about 120 seconds or as easy for you. This effort will balance the arms and lower back.

Exercise for lower Part

This workout will work your abs and arms. You just to lie on the mat facing in the air. Put your legs and foot (see the image below) close to each other, now lift the legs straight up and fetch them to your belly.

exercise for lower part

Place your foot and legs down again, when putting legs down stretch the legs out in the opposite ways and bring them up to your tummy. Again as you put the legs down, near them and pull the legs up. Carry on this same procedure for 40 to 60 seconds. You will feel a stiffness and firmness in your stomach and limbs as you continue, don’t worry.  This is certainly the finest workout to lose fat from the below part of the body.

Best workout to reduce tummy

If you are looking to reduce the tummy this exercise is great to reduce the tummy also equally good for your lower back, thigh and abs. stretch your body on the ground by maintaining your arms, legs and foot straight. You have to lift your upper portion (view the image below) and a lower part, thighs on the ground at the time by harmonizing yourself on the abdomen. Try to keep yourself straight as much as you can bear. Repeat the workout to reduce the tummy in few days, it is not easy to do but work wonders for the flat and firm tummy.

easy workout to reduce tummy

Exercise for thigh and also for the whole body

This exercise is great for losing the weight, shaping the body and shaping the thigh. For better understanding see the image below, bend your body down and squat or chair shape. Remain in this position and jump when coming up. Do this process for 30 seconds briskly to get the desired result. you will enjoy workout as it is fun to do.

exercise for thigh

Jumping on Single leg

This exercise is great to tone the body and to lose the weight. Again see the image for better understanding, you need to stand straight and lift the one leg, left is better to lift. Now go down and touch the floor and when you come up, jump in the air. Keep you left leg bent all the time. Continue for 30 seconds or more and repeat the process by changing the position of legs.

Traditional Exercise, Push up

Love push up, a great way to lose the weight at home with very little space. This is a great way to lose the weight, especially it will cut the extra fat from the arms. In the start it can be difficult for the women, women can start this exercise by placing the knee instead of the toe or foot. Just lie down on the ground, place weight on your foot and arms, this is the first position of this exercise. Further with you right knee touches the right elbow or arm and do this with your other knee and elbow. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds, it will strength your muscles, tone the body and reduce the weight as well.

Bent Leg Exercise for inner thigh and abs

This exercise will tone your abs, thigh, and tummy. It is simple and easy to do, stand straight and place your hand back of the head. By doing this you can give more attention to the legs. Bend your one leg and lift it up to the waist and move your leg in circular motion. You must do this exercise for 30 seconds briskly and now repeat this process with another leg for 30 seconds. This is tough exercise but proven to get the finest shape thigh, it will also strength the legs, abs, and inner thigh in few days.

Jumping Exercise

Jumping exercise is my favorite too, the best thing about this exercise you will never bored and is entertaining one. It is really easy to do at the house or in open space without getting bored. This exercise helps to sweat quickly on the body to flush out the toxins and fat gradually. Again it is good to do briskly, do this exercise for 1 minute or keep doing until you get enough sweat. You must keep your legs, knee and back straight in jumping exercise.  If you are looking reduce some extra pounds from the thighs, legs or tummy then this exercise is fun and proven for getting the proper shape.

Some of above exercise are tough to do but you will forget the hard work after getting the result. You must also take proper nutrition in your diet, seasonal vegetables and fruits help to tone the body.

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