How to control hair fall at home

Almost everyone faces the hair fall problem in his life or some get bald due to hair fall in few years. Some hair fall problems are temporary due to weather, poor health or lifestyle but some face hair fall throughout the life and at last, get clean road on the neck.

According to the expert and dermatologist falling 50 to 150 strands of daily is normal but falling more than 200 is not fair for your beautiful hair. You can control the hair fall by simple home remedies without using the harsh chemicals which make the hair fall worst.


Oil Massage

Coconut or olive oil work great for the hair due the essential minerals, vitamins, fats and protein in these oils. Massaging roots of hair with the oil make the roots strong and prevent excessive hair fall, massage with soft hands.


Take lukewarm oil, don’t put on head directly to burn the skin, use your fingertips and gently massage the head and roots of the hair. Leave it for 2 hours and wash it completely to remove the oil from the hair. Don’t go out with oil on the head as oil attract the dust, which is not easy to wash out.

Control the stress

Stress is the reason of many diseases and causes hair fall too. Due to too much stress, you can face excessive hair loss, Alopecia, greying hair, falling hair in a clump. So to stop hair loss you must control your stress or be stress-free.

Onion Juice

sulphur help in hair grow, you can get sulphur from the onion. Using the water of onion on the scalp help to control the hair fall.

Take one onion, squeeze out water and rub the head gently with the onion juice or water. Leave it for an hour and wash it after hour by mild shampoo.  


Henna is popular for coloring the hair but is also equally good for hair and strength the hair root.  Using henna with other ingredient works wonder for hair fall.


  • Take 200ml olive or coconut oil and 50g of washed and dried henna leaves
  • Boil the oil until the leaves burn than filter the oil into the bottle
  • Massage your head with this oil thrice a week to get the better result.


Use Vegetable and fruits

Lacking nutrition in the body can be another cause of hair fall. Must use seasonal vegetables and fruits on a regular basis to provide the necessary minerals and vitamins to body and hair. Eat biotin rich food in your diet as it is good to keep locking the hair root on the head. Eat almond, walnuts, pistachio or peanuts for getting biotin naturally. Use carrot, cabbage, spinach and seasonal fruits to keep your overall body healthy.


Use eggs in your diet on a daily basis and make the egg hair pack for external use. Eggs are full of mineral and vitamins which are necessary to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Selenium, zinc, iodine etc in egg promote hair growth.

  • Take egg white mix it with olive oil
  • Mix it well and massage into head with soft fingers
  • Leave it for 2hr so it can go into the roots
  • Wash out the mixture from hair by using mild shampoo



Consult the Dermatologist

Hope by using above home remedies your hair fall will be controlled in some instance but if nothing worked visit the dermatologist, the doctor will examine you or if necessary will take some blood sample to check the reason of hair fall.

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