How to know early cancer sign and their treatments

Cancer is of diseases that can be classified and characterized by out-of-control cell growth. The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that, worldwide, there were almost  4 million+ new cancer cases and 8.2 million cancer-related deaths in 2013 and  Cancer is the second most general reason of death in the US and records for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths.

Cancer harms the body when altered cells divide nonstop to form lumps or a load of tissue called tumors (excluding in the case of leukemia where cancer exclude normal blood function by abnormal cell partition in the blood stream). Tumors grow and impede with the digestive, nervous, circulatory systems and they can release hormones that revise body function. Tumors that stay in the one spot and demonstrate incomplete growth are commonly considered to be compassionate.


Cancer develops out of normal cells in the human body. Normal cells increased by multiply when the body needs them and die when the body doesn’t need them. Cancer come out as a result of when the growth of cells in the body is out of control and cells split and divide too quickly. It can also occur when cells forget to die and the old cells don’t die.

There are numerous different types of cancer as Cancer can develop in almost any organ or tissue, such as the, bones, lung, skin, or nerve tissue colon, breast.

There are a lot of causes of cancer, including:

Drinking excess alcohol




Environmental toxin, such as toxic mushrooms and a type of poisonous thing that can grow on plants that we eat.

Excessive sunlight contact

Genetic problems

Benzene and other chemicals


Symptoms depends on the kind and place of the cancer in the body. For example, Cause of   lung cancer can  be , coughing, chest pain and  shortness of breath or the cause of  Colon cancer often is constipation,  diarrhea and blood in the stool.

Some cancers may not have any kind of symptoms at all. For example in pancreatic cancer, symptoms often do not begin to start until the virus has reached an advanced stage.

The following symptoms can occur with most cancers:

Loss of appetite



Night sweats

Weight loss



In men the three major common cancers in the United States are:

Prostate cancer

Colon cancer

Lung cancer

In the United States, the three most common cancers in women are:

Breast cancer

Lung cancer

Colon cancer

Exams and Tests:

Like symptoms, the signs of cancer vary based on the type and location of the tumor. Common tests include the following:

CT scan

Bone marrow biopsy

Chest x-ray

Blood tests

Complete blood count (CBC)

Biopsy of the tumor

Liver function tests

MRI scan


Treatment of cancer depends on the type of cancer and the stage of the cancer (how much it has spread), health status, gender, age and some other additional personal characteristics. There is no sole treatment for this disease as patients often receive a mixture of palliative care and therapies and those treatments usually fall into one of the following categories: surgical treatment, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, or gene therapy, radiation or chemotherapy.


Surgery is the most common and effective treatment to cure the cancer depend on the stage and type of cancer the patient is suffering. Through surgery doctors remove the tumor and unwanted tissue around it. Then these samples helps the doctors for further treatment if required.


Radiation of radio therapy helps to cure the many type of cancer. About 40 out of 100 patients treated by the radio therapy or radiation. Radiation can be done by the by x-rays or given injected or swollen.



To kill the cancer cell chemotherapy can be used.  Medicine kill the cancer. it is treated by the tablets or directly in to the vein by using injection or infusion. There are several types of chemotherapy that are using to treat the hundred types of cancer.


Immunotherapy mostly use to treat the kidney cancer, it involves in taking the medicines that encourage the immune system to control the cancer cells.

Hormone therapy

Doctor also use the hormonal therapy in many cancer cases the purpose of hormone therapy is to reduction the hormones and stopping their effects. Prostate cancer or breast cancer successfully can be treated by the hormone therapy in good ratio.


Gene therapy

If surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and other therapy are not helped the patient than doctor use the gene therapy to cure the cancer. Through gene therapy doctor inserts the functional gene to correct the abnormal metabolism and provide new life and effective function to cell for curing the cancer.

Cancer treatment vaccines

Experts are doing wonders and now FDA approve vaccine has been introduced in the market to cure the prostate cancer with the cancer treatment vaccine. Many types of vaccines tested and results are satisfactory and have the potential to treat the lung cancer, ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Let’s fight with cancer – February 4, world cancer day

Be brave and unite to fight and treat the cancer. World cancer day place on February 4 on every year. Entire world together to fight against cancer. The aim of world cancer day to save and supports the millions of cancer patient around the world by educating and brining awareness among the people, under pressure and unite the governments, organization and force the NGO to stand and take the strong steps to stop the cancer.

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