how to reduce belly fat at home naturally

As you sow so shall you reap 🙂 fat on belly is return gift of our awkward and haphazard lifestyle? Belly fat is worst fat on the body than other body fat. It makes you a laughing stock for other and also increase the risk of unhealthy life.

Don’t need to worry, don’t need to spend lots of money or dangerous and expensive surgery.

There are some simple home remedies to get rid of fat on belly

Drinking Lemon water in empty stomach

Best and tested home remedies to get rid of the fat belly is to drink lemon water on empty stomach. Take one glass of water and squeeze a lemon juice in the water, add some salt for taste. Drink lemon water for 1 month to increase your metabolism and hope result will be in your favor.

Consume water in every hour

Try to drink water at every hour of the day to get rid of extra fat on the body especially on the belly. Drinking water boost the metabolism and remove the toxins from the body. Drinking minor warm water is better than the cold water.

Keep Moving

Keep moving yourself in any way, any exercise which increases your heartbeat like biking, swimming, cycling, jumping and running. This exercise will cut some pond from your body if you do regularly. To keep your shape in order keep moving.

Start taking more vegetable and fruits

Eat a full bowl of fruits in evening and morning instead of eating chocolate, butter, rice, wheat, burger, pizza etc. Eating broccoli cook or raw help to maintain the weight loss due to full of fiber.

Keep away the sugar

Sugar is your biggest enemy to make you fat. Fighting belly means eating healthy foods and say goodbye to sweet or sugar forever. Reduce to take the calories and increase to take the vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc. start using a sprinkle of cinnamon, black pepper, cumin seeds, spice help to control the blood sugar. Spice also helps to increase the digestion and slow down the rate at which foods exist on the stomach make you belly look fuller.

Take big steps

When you are walking take the large steps and when you are climbing stairs skip one step. Taking large step while you are walking or climbing the stair will help to lose the fat on the belly according to Cameron McGarr.

Try to eat slowly

Drink water before and between the lunch and dinner, or eat with your family and friends so you must eat less than the when you eat lonely. By drinking water before and after you stomach or belly will be filled more by water which leads to eating less and eating with friends and family result be less eating due to time waste in talking with them.

Eat full plate of Salads

Skip the lunch or has very light, try to eat lots of salads in the lunch especially the cabbage which is full of water and work for weight loss.

Scale you weight at least twice a week

Weighing yourself at least twice a week will keep you on track to control the weight, weighing every day can make you upset because weight keeps changing every day due to fluid fluctuation in the body. Weighing yourself in a month when you are trying to lose the weight is a bad idea. Weighing in a week guide you about your hard work and lifestyle doing to weight loss.




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