How to reduce stretch marks after pregnancy

After happy marriage every woman wants to become a mother and why not? It is a prime delight for the women in life. Mothers face many things during and after pregnancy like a change in the body, stress, weight gain, hair fall, unpleasant sleep and above all is stretch marks. After few month of delivery a baby, every woman want to get rid of the ugly stretch marks which make their belly appearance so unpleasant. You gain almost 25 to 30 pound at reaching 9 months of pregnancy. When your body grow faster and more than the skin can bear, your surface under the skin break which causes the stretch marks.

Stretch marks normally appear on the belly, buttock, breast, and upper arms etc. which gradually fade by passing the time. More weight gain means more stretch on the belly. Almost every women bear stretch marks after the pregnancy on his body which begins appears after 6 months of pregnancy.

Every woman bears stretch marks on her body after the blessing of the child and wants to get rid of stretch marks as soon as possible. Below are simple home remedies to get rid of stretch marks at home with little cost without of side effects.

Consume lots of water

Reduce the use of the coffee, tea soda, ice cream and fatty foods. Try to hydrate your body and drink plenty of water at least 10 to 12 glass daily. Drinking water will make your body figure maintain and help you to get rid of the stretch marks.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice includes lots of acidic and vitamin c in it which is really helpful to tighten the skin and to fade the stretch marks on the belly. Rub the lemon after equally mixing with water to get rid of unwanted stretch marks. Let the juice soak into the skin and wash with the warm water to wash out completely, continue the remedy until getting the desired result.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonder in the treatment of many skin problems. Its healing properties can be used to get rid of the stretch marks on belly or buttock. It tightens the skin and has the quality to fade the stretch marks on the skin. Cut a little fresh piece of Aloe Vera from the plant and directly rub on the skin for 2 to 3 minutes softly and wash it in the morning and you will be amazed to see the result. For quick result take the aloe Vera and mix with half spoon of vitamin E which you can get from the vitamin E capsules. Repeat this process and continue until you get the skin like before.

Use of Castor Oil

Now I tell you how castor oil works for the stretch marks effectively and safely. You can buy a small bottle of castor oil from the market but must buy the pure one. Simple take some oil and rub on the stretch marks slowly but thoroughly in a circular motion. Due to thickness, it can difficult to rub, so it will be better to mix some other oil like almond and coconut. Keep massaging the area until the oil absorbed into the skin.

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  • July 23, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    Stretch marks after pregnancy is really a great problem of most moms. Good to know that there are affordable remedies that could help remove the marks just like aloe vera. Taking care of your skin is very important to keep your skin healthy. Thanks for sharing this post.


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