How to stop excessive hair fall naturally

Some people face the seasonal hair fall. Lots of have the problem of too much hair fall.  The problem is summer due to heat and lack of water in the body cause hair fall. Don’t worry if you are still facing hair fall, today I share some of the proven remedies to control the hair fall.

We try to protect our eyes from the sun and use the sunglasses, use sunscreen lotion to save the skin from the sun. Losing hair fall in summer is common so if you see some extra hair in the comb or on the floor, don’t panic and read below some of the easy home remedies to control the hair fall at home.

Oil Massage

Massaging hair and head with hot oil is a good way to supply the necessary nutrient to roots of the hair. Almond and coconut oil are good to massage the head thrice a week. The head can face the lack of blood circulation so massaging head with warm oil is an effective way to blood circulation. It makes you relax and release the stress. But always massage with soft finger tips and don’t rub the head or root with harder hands which can cause excessive hair fall. If you can’t afford almond oil, mustard oil or coconut are good alternatives.

Keep chemical at bay

Don’t rush to market to buy the chemical base anti hair fall product which can make the situation more badly. You must watch the Ads on TV where the companies claim that their Anti hair product consists of olive, Vitamin C, coconut milk etc. so be wise why don’t you prefer to buy natural and fresh by the market.

Take some coconut milk or you can make it at home easily, it is rich in nutrient and will lock your hair root to the head and reduce hair fall. It is good to control dandruff which also a big reason of hair fall.

Keep body Hydrate

In summer your body will dehydrate if you don’t supply the enough water to the body. Dehydration will dry the hair which leads to hair break. To keep hydrate the body drink at least 12 glass in a day, when you drink water cells in the body absorb it instantly and hair gets moist and flexible. Drinking water also improve the texture of hair and extra or harmful toxins will flush out from the body through water.

Lifestyle and diet

Diet, Diet, Diet and lifestyle is part and parcel for the gorgeous hair and shiny skin. Poor diet and lifestyle always welcome the hair fall in summer. Take lots of fruits and vegetables in summer as plenty of vitamins and nutrient flush out by sweating. I always give more attention to hair and skin in summer. For thicker hair, you must consume lots of vegetables, beans, water, eggs etc. Almond and walnut are amazing for stronger hair. In summer take some almond and dip into water and leave overnight, in morning peel the almond and eat.

Use wider toothed comb and mild shampoo

Some changes can also good for hair, use wider toothed comb to manage the hair, fine-toothed comb lead to hair fall and breakage. Use milk shampoo and stop to use chemical base shampoo, you can use baby shampoo, don’t expose your hair to the sun in summer wear the scarf or hat.

Dear readers, in summer it is necessary to take care of hair and give special attention to keeping the hair on the head. By using above simple remedies you can control the hair fall at home.




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